Why You Should NOT Learn Speed Reading Techniques

I was never aware of speed reading techniques. I was able to read with speed like average people did, and could read faster when I was more concentrated and made more effort when I read. I had never heard of any friend who had learned such techniques, and I did not think I had a single need to improve my skill on reading…

Then, I learned that if I’m reading with a little voice in my brain, I’m actually reading at a first grade level…  I learned that most people read with a little voice in their brain just like speaking on what they were reading, and this kept their reading speed at 200 – 300 words per minute (wpm). Through short-period practice on this and some other speed reading techniques, normal people could have reading speed doubled, tripled, or even over 1000 or 2000 wpm. I also learned how speed reading techniques can prove useful in every day life, how they make one stand out of the crowd especially in a recession, how much time can be saved and how the extra time can be spent…

I found an online speed reading software called Speed Reader-X, that I can be an affiliate of it. It had been in the market for a few years, and had been used as a teaching aid in some colleges and organizations like Louisiana State University, US Golf Association, etc. I wondered if it was a good product, but I could not find any reliable or up-to-date review on this product. Thus, I started a review myself.

Just browse through this website, the review of Speed Reader-X, to discover what you need to know before trying this online speed reading course. You can start with our first review article Facts about Speed Reader-X. Feel free to leave me a comment on any page of the site if you want to tell your opinion. If you like the information I provide, please kindly use the Share button on any page to share with your friends and bookmark it to your favorite website.

If you want more product information, click here: Speed Reader-X

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#1 unicorngamer

Is Speed Reader X an effective way to read faster or better? Please e-mail me. Thank you!!!

#2 Peter Sturo

I do research before recommending this program, you can look into some customer reviews of speed reader-x here for what I’ve researched. Hope it helps and happy reading :)

#3 Colin

I think Speed Reading helps most especially in times like you have a deadline for studies and you need to read them fast-without losing an inch of meaning or information along the way…

#4 EyeQ vs Speed Reader-X | Speed Reading Software Comparison

[…] you’ve read the background of our website, you should know that we have compared different speed reading courses before the launch of this […]

#5 Ahp

As an educator, trainer, and counselor I had a lot of experience with training readers. I have notice a substantial improvement in my reading speed after a week. I use to read about 150 wpm, but now I read 500wpm. It’s so refreshing. The key to this skill is to NEVER let your sub-vocalization become a habit. It takes a month to form new habits, so it will feel odd at first but consistent practice provides the speed you really want to achieve.

#6 daab

Ohh It’s amazing. By this I can read a whole book of 300 pages in 5 hours.

#7 Archon

magnificent points altogether, I think I’ll be trying the program you mentioned here.

#8 anamouos x

i can read 2105 wpm

#9 Dav

Why does it say Why You Should NOT Learn Speed Reading Techniques. When it talks about why you should. It must be a mistake.

#10 Attempting to be rid of the voice.

Wait, why is the article titled “Why You Should NOT Learn Speed Reading Techniques”. Shouldn’t we learn speed reading techniques?

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