Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics vs Speed Reader-X

I have compared different speed-reading programs, and this time let’s look into Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics.
I am comparing popular tools with each other and results of these comparisons are described in articles published on our website. What I have found is given below:

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Outlook

Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course Pros:

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics is one of the most popular and large selling speed reading tools. Evelyn Wood Speed Reading was developed for nearly 40 years ago. This course is available in the form of book and DVD.

  • “I tested my reading speed initially and was at 225. By the time I had finished the book I was at 397, so I did improve.” — Portion of customer report on amazon.com
  • “Every junior high, high school, and college student should read this book. It takes lots of practice to learn how to do it proficiently.” — Part of consumer opinion on amazon.com
  • A life-changing experience.— Taken from execuread.com
  • “Maybe the end results are not as impressive, but the Evelyn Wood organization still teaches some important rapid reading basics.” — Taken from user review on thespeedreadingreview.com
  • “I did Evelyn Wood Dynamic Reading and found it excellent.” — From customer feedback on lesswrong.com

Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course Cons:

  • “The presentation here is well organized and easy to follow but there is a lack of detail and a failure to address key points.” — Portion of user complaints on amazon.com
  • “I read about 230 words per minute. Well, after reading this book, I read about 250 words per minute.” — Portion of consumer review on amazon.com
  • “There may be speed reading courses available that do get results but, the Evelyn Wood course I took was a scam.” — Part of discussion taken from forums.randi.org
  • “Don’t believe their ads about how simple it is, though — it’s not easy, it’s quite a lot of hard work to retrain the way you read.” — From customer complaint on friendfeed.com
  • “original courses were 21 hours of classroom instruction over a period of three weeks. This video is about 2 hours. So what you have is basically an introduction to speed reading–not a full course.” — From user feedback on movie-list.com

Speed Reader-X Speed Reading Tool Outlook

Compare with Speed Reader-X:

We found the following about Speed Reader-X when compared with Evelyn Wood Speed Reading:

Speed Reader-X Pros:

  • “the software (and overall system) does deliver and has made a huge difference in my reading speed. It’s better than more expensive programs I’ve trial/tested.” — Portion of user review on amazon.com
  • “It also does exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ – it gets on with speed reading right from the start.” — Portion of customer feedback on amazon.com
  • “This is the same standard program as the more expensive ones.” — Portion of consumer opinion on amazon.com
  • “Now my reading speed is 460 wpm according to the test in Speed Reader X, I was 240 wpm before.” — From readablog.com
  • “I have been sreious about it and put some effort into it and my speed has gone from 200 words to 600 words.” — Taken from 4boxreviews.com

Speed Reader-X Cons:

Compared to Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, Speed Reader-X is not a famous tool due to its short history. Below are the shortcomings that I’ve found:

  • The software is a bit primative. Not many options.” — Portion of customer review on amazon.com
  • “The Mac version is buggy so if possible, stick with the Windows version.” — Portion of customer review on amazon.com
  • “It would have been a close call between your first and second if it were not for price.” — Taken from 4boxreviews.com

You can read the reviews on Speed Reader-X, here you can find information about the product, customer feedbacks, and methods to use it efficiently and effectively. For more product information, click here.

EyeQ Speed Reading Program Review

If you’ve read the background page on our website, you probably know that I have done research on some speed reading programs. In the following articles, I picked some popular speed reading software such as EyeQ from Infinite Mind and Evelyn Wood to review and reveal my findings about these products and whether they are scams or not.

EyeQ speed reading is one of the most well-known speed reading programs out there. So, exactly how good is it? In order to get more objective opinions, let’s looked into actual testimonials left by customers. (e.g. customer reviews of Eye-Q from Amazon). Here is an excerpt of what I have found:

EyeQ Speed Reading Program - Infinite Mind

Eye Q Pros:

  • “My wife and I tested the product on ourselves and noticed a great improvement in our reading speed and comprehension, not that we had any problem before.” — Portion of actual customer review on amazon.com
  • “My husband tried it & did see some improvement on his words per minute, according to the program.” — Part of actual customer feedback on amazon.com
  • “It takes a long time to become effective, but it works.” — Extracted from actual user review on ezinearticles.com
  • “Two months later, my reading speed has indeed gone up, as shown by their program’s tests, and by my own assesment too.” — Portion of actual consumer opinion on infomercialscams.com

Eye Q Cons:

  • “Way too expensive, it costs a lot more than the $14 promised on the tv commercial. I dont think it is that great either.” — Portion of actual user comment on amazon.com
  • Customer Service is awful! Product okay.” — A review title given by an actual consumer on amazon.com
  • “our 4th grade daughter… the exercises seem rather difficult for her. Even after going through the sessions, she is reading about 10 words per minute less than what she was tested for at school.” — Part of actual consumer report from amazon.com
  • “It’s best not to do the exercises with contacts in. Your eyes will tire more, dry out & get irritated.— An actual user complaint on amazon.com
  • “Those exercises will train you to speed read but not telling you how to speed read.” — Taken from actual user review on ezinearticles.com
  • “They advertize as a free trial of some software. Then they send you out this huge box with books and CDs. I would never have tried it out if I knew I’d have to pay so much to send it back.— Portion of actual scam report on infomercialscams.com
  • “If you decide to return the product be sure to get it insured and get a tracking number. They claim they never received the returned product…” — Part of actual consumer complaint on infomercialscams.com

If you do some more research, you will find that there are more negative reviews than positive ones for the Eye Q speed reading program. Actually, there are even more negative customer reports from places like ripoffreport.com saying that it is a scam, so it’s probably better that you avoid this product.

Compare with Speed Reader-X:

Speed Reader-X Software Outlook

When comparing with Eye Q speed reading program, the other course we have chosen to review, Speed Reader-X has the following pros and cons:

  • It costs a few tens of dollars, which is a fraction of the price of EyeQ from Infinite Mind. Eye-Q in turn costs $264.94 for the personal version and $364.94 for the deluxe version (shipping and handling included). And be careful, although Eye Q as seen on TV is advertised to be only $14.95, in reality, upon reading the fine print at the bottom, you will see that the $14.95 only covers shipping and handling, and over the next three months you would have to pay three payments of $83.33.
  • It has comparatively better customer reviews than EyeQ. You can check it out at Amazon customer reviews, or Customer Feedback of Speed Reader-X.
  • It works for a wider age range, from 8 years old and up.
  • It provides a promised money back guarantee. Unlike the complaints from customers of Infinite Mind EyeQ that they can not get their money back, I have never seen any complaints like this for Speed Reader-X during my research.
  • It provides better customer support. It is from my own experience that I can receive very fast responses (normally within a day) when using their online ticket system.
  • As for the downsides of Speed Reader-X, well, I cannot think of any yet. Please leave a comment in case you find any. However, my personal experience with Speed Reader-X is a positive one. I have doubled my reading speed in less than a month’s time, and my comprehension and memorization both improved.

If you want to see more reviews, customer feedback, and how to get the most out of the Speed Reader-X speed reading software, go to Speed Reader-X Review. For more product information, click here.

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