Reading Speed Test

This is a quick online reading speed and comprehension test which can be completed in a few minutes. You can get more information on speed reading at the end of the test. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Relax and get yourself ready to read.
  2. Click the Start Timer button and start reading.
  3. To have a more accurate reading speed estimation, read with your normal speed and make sure you understand what you read.
  4. Click the Stop Timer button as soon as you have finished. Your reading speed will be shown in a box down the page in Speed Reading Test Analysis.
  5. We will then bring you to the Reading Comprehension Test to complete the test.

P.S. Before you start the real test, you can try clicking the Start Timer button, and scroll down to click the Stop Timer button (without reading) to see how it works.
P.P.S. If you have switched off JavaScript, please switch it on temporarily to make the timer work.

Online Reading Speed Test

In this electronic age, communication and information exchange are much more convenient and text presentation plays a vital part in this area. Information presented in text can be found everywhere on the Internet in websites, emails, sales letters, manuals, etc., not to mention the traditional medium like books, newspapers, magazines and all other printed documents. There is more and more chance to read, and learning to speed read has also become a popular topic. Here, we will look into what speed reading means to different groups of people in the society.

For employees, there is always some concern about job competition and unemployment, especially in a declining economy. Many employees are thinking of ways to make themselves stand out among their colleagues and job competitors. Speed reading is a very good technique to acquire for them, as it can be learned within a month of part-time learning without affecting their normal work. Being able to speed read not only can assist an employee's everyday work, but is also a skill that only a minority of people have.

Time is the most important thing for bosses. A lot of their invaluable time can be saved if they can have their reading speed doubled, tripled or even more. And for business to be successful nowadays, one key factor is to keep fast updates with the latest market information. Being able to read the latest information faster also means being able to make necessary reaction faster than the competitors. Another key factor toward success is to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with various clients, vendors and staff members. Having the ability to read fast and understand well on all the user reports, proposals, requirements, emails, etc., can definitely be an advantage.

As for students, they can gain the most by starting learning to speed read at this golden age of learning. Reading takes up a lot of time in student life, especially if the student is a high school or a college student. Much of the time can be saved with speed reading, and the extra time can be used in different areas like developing different interests, leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses. It can improve the studying process itself, allowing the students to learn and understand the learning material better.

Online speed reading courses probably constitute the most effective way for anyone to learn how to speed read nowadays. They give the user a higher flexibility on when and where to learn, compared to speed reading classes, plus they are much cheaper. When compared to learning through books, online speed reading courses are more interactive. They provide automated reading speed tests and training tools which can keep track of the user's progress much better. Online courses have also advantages over speed reading software, as they can be kept updated with the latest information and training materials without any hassling installation issues. Good online courses also provide support for a reasonable period of time like one year.

In conclusion, learning to speed read can bring quite a lot of benefits to different groups of people including students, bosses or employees, and online speed reading courses have become the most popular way among the learning methods. We often say life is too short, there are always things we want to do but have not yet done and freedom of time we want to enjoy but not yet have. Reading occupies a significant portion of time in our lives, so why not spend the time more effectively and enjoyably? Just take action now and start to enjoy speed reading.

Speed Reading Test Analysis

Your reading speed will be shown below after you finish the Reading Speed Test:

You read at  words per minute (wpm).

Result Interpretation:

Wait a minute, the test doesn't stop here

To see how accurate the estimated reading speed is, we need to see how well you understand what you have just read to measure your comprehension level. Now please write down your reading speed score, and answer some questions based on what you've read in this quick Reading Comprehension Test (the link will open a new window).

Speed Analysis
Below 230wpm Slow reader: Your reading speed is below average, and this should be a problem to your daily work and study. There is plenty of room for improvement on your reading skills. See speed reading recommendation and be ready for a big improvement.
230wpm to 299wpm Average Reader: Most people belong to this category. You are reading with subvocalization, which means there is an internal speech made when you are reading. Your reading speed can be much improved by eliminating subvocalization and acquiring other speed reading techniques. See speed reading recommendation and be ready for a big improvement.
300wpm to 600wpm Above Average Reader: Your reading speed is above average, provided that you do not push yourself hard during the test and you can keep this speed in your normal reading. Some speed reading techniques can definitely help you to have reading speed go beyond this barrier. See speed reading recommendation and break through your limits.
600wpm - 1000wpm Good Reader: Your reading speed is very good, and it can be achieved only by less than 1 percent of the world population (though there is still a lot, consider the world's huge population). With your natural ability, you are uniquely positioned to quickly jump into the supreme speed reader category by applying special reading techniques reserved for advanced people like yourself. See speed reading recommendation and enhance your ability.
1000wpm - 2000wpm Excellent Reader: You are an excellent reader and definitely qualify as a speed reader. You can still improve your reading speed and comprehension by understanding how your reading technique is different from that of most people. Learning why you are able to read so fast can unlock your true abilities. At the same time, you can improve your comprehension and understand as well as remember more of what you read. Try this speed reading recommendation.
2000wpm - 2500wpm Top Speed Reader: You have the ability to be one of the top contestants in the World Championship Speed Reading Competition. In addition to further increasing your reading speed, you may put more focus on improving your reading comprehension and memory techniques. You definitely have great advantages in many areas if you can read at this speed with excellent comprehension. Try this speed reading recommendation to reinforce your superiority.
Beyond 2500wpm Supreme Speed Reader: You are qualified to be one of the supreme speed readers in the world, if you read at a speed beyond 2500wpm with over 90% comprehension. Please contact us and we will add your name into our supreme speed reader database.

Speed Reading Course Recommendation

We highly recommend people reading at a speed below 1000wpm or comprehension below 90% to break their barrier by learning various speed reading and comprehension techniques through some speed reading courses. You can follow this link for various speed reading courses reviews.

More Speed Reading Information
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To save your time and money on searching for courses, you can browse through this website as we've gone through some reviews on various speed reading products in the market, and selected Speed Reader-X as the best product, the product that we're affiliate with. We have done a complete review on it, and found that this speed reading course had been standing in the market for a few years, tweaked for training results, and used in some schools and organizations with good user feedback. You can start from our homepage Speed Reader-X, or the background of our website: Why You Should Not Learn Speed Reading Techniques

If you want more product information or to claim for two additional bonuses, please follow the link to go to the speed reading course Speed Reader-X Online or the comprehension, vocabulary and memory training course Ultra Mind Improvement Studio. The two products are selling together as a combo bonus plus a money back guarantee (said to be limited time offer).

P.S. While you are waiting for the email to be delivered, feel free to leave us a comment with your reading scores or how you feel about our test!

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#1 Dia

Right, I knew I was just an average reader (371 wpm) and I suppose it’s OK when you are a Johnny Foreigner … What I feel is that learning to read faster and get the most of a text is something that everyone should be aiming at. With so much info to go through and memorize on a daily basis we need special techniques to maximize our skills as much as possible. SpeedReader seems to be exactly what we need to learn how to keep our brains alert:)

#2 Pauline

My speed is 280 wpm one and half month ago. I come back to try after learning with this course. I can now read at nearly 600 wpm. Amazing! Thanks for the great info.

#3 Vianne

Very good test.Simple and easy to know the reading speed.
My reading speed just 380 word per min… Need to improve immediately…

#4 Suzanne W

After try the test, I suprised to find that I am a slow reader….. Anyway, I am going to join the course and hopefully, my skill will get improve in soon.

#5 Shirley

After this Speed Reading Test Analysis, I find I am a slow reader. Too bad! :<
I agree the advantages of speed reading metioned above. Time is limited, need to find a way to improve.

#6 Brian Martins

I would like to say thank you for providing this helpful information. I nearly get EyeQ when seeing the tv commercials. Then I read the poor feedback it has on your site, and choose to buy Speed Reader X. Now my reading speed is 460 wpm according to the test in Speed Reader X, I was 240 wpm before. I’m practicing comprehension also. Thanks for the tips you provide here.

#7 Sean

I can read extremely fast but have a problem with comprehension. I read at 837 WPM with only a 60% comprehension rate. I would put it more at 50% because I did guess at one and got it right. I am looking for something to improve my comprehension not reading speed.

#8 Barca

Having tested my reading speed before on other websites I was pleased to have registered some improvement on previous days after putting into practice some techniques, getting 553 wpm, as opposed to around 430 wpm before.
However this turned to dissapointment when I only got 40% on the comprehension test :(. I dunno if it is just me but that seemed like a harder test than other ones I have tried, although I’m making no excuses, and i know i need to improve.

#9 Peter Sturo

Barca, do you read with your casual speed, or do you push yourself to read fast?

The comprehension test is designed such that it is not difficult to score 90% or above, just that you use your normal speed to read. If you try other reading comprehension test on the Internet, you’ll know many tests are much more difficult.

I do recommend you to learn speed reading and comprehension techniques, which has brought great benefits to me. Reading and comprehension skills are corelated, so if you are reading fast but cannot intake the information properly, then there is some problem on the reading skill. Speed reading is the formal way to learn the proper reading skills and techniques to intake information fast.

You can check my review on the speed reading & comprehension course to make your own choice. Hope it helps.

#10 Peter Sturo

Sean, the course that I recommended has a complete module of 11 lessons for comprehension. You can go to Speed Reading Course Online, in the sign-up page you’ll see the third option “Ulta Mind Improvement Studio” which is the comprehension module.

However, I’ll suggest you to learn speed reading together with comprehension. They are actually closely related. It is problem on reading habit which cause the comprehension problem. I think you have a good potential to read even faster with good comprehension, if you learn the formal techniques of speed reading.

You can check my review on the speed reading and comprehension course to make your own choice. Hope it helps.

#11 Jamea

very upset. my reading is 110wpm. im mad and disappointed. im an 8th grader.

#12 c.moore

wow….i thought that i would have had better results than a stinkin 125 per minute!!!!!!

#13 gennybeb tabasa

Dear Mr. Peter Sturo:

Through surfing the internet, I’ve found out about this particular web site which is very applicable in my thesis. As if it is really intended for my study, it caters the questions necessary to measure English Proficiency. Thus, I asked the approval of my adviser about this matter. She said that this is such a good endeavor as far as my thesis is concerned.

I am a graduating student in Cor Jesu College, Digos City, Philippines taking up Bachelor of Arts in English. As for my thesis, I’m about to gather facts I need. My study is entitled Book Reading and English Proficiency. It is to find the significant relationship between Book Reading and English Proficiency (Vocabulary, Speed in Reading, and Comprehension).

In this light, I would like to inform you that the speed reading test as well as the reading comprehension test in this web site will be used as my instrument in gathering data for my thesis.

I’m so glad that this kind of test is existing, very accessible and for free. I’m hoping for your consideration.

Yours truly,
Ms. Gennybeb Tabasa

#14 Peter Sturo

gennybeb tabasa, no problem. You can use my test in your thesis, just with some minor criteria. I’ve just sent that to you through email.

Everything good for your thesis.

#15 gennybeb tabasa

i’ve checked my mail but i cnt find the minor criteria u’ve sent.. i hope u’ll not mind sending it again. thank you very much

#16 Peter Sturo

gennybeb tabasa, just resent, please also check the spam folder of your email.

#17 Emily

I got 805 wpm. And judging that I read about 5 different 250-300 page books a week, and only in the 9th grade. I’m gonna keep telling my self I did well.

Don’t ya’ll think?

#18 Ray

Wow! this was really helpful my speed was 357 but my comprehension was 60% , I guess when I usually read my mind is all over the place and it’s hard to me to be focused, that’s why every time when I’m done reading something important my mind always just goes blank on what I’ve just read, I really need to practice

I’m glad I found this site :)

#19 Adam

317 wpm with 100% comprehension which is slightly above average, but I definitely subvocalize—I just do it a little faster than I vocalize.

#20 Rain

time 374..pretty good… dont mind being better

#21 Learn to Speed Read in Just a Few Hours | Learn This

[…] […]

#22 Michael

After this short test, I know what level of reading speed and how much I understand from reading. Really agree to the point that we have so many things to do within limited time of life, we must to enhance reading speed and accuracy in order to catch up with high job requirement from company.

Personally, I really recommend you to perform this test which you can understand your reading speed that you may not feel this problem, but actually it’s happened and affect to your life, your job and your prospect.

#23 Adrian C

My reading speed very very slow~~under 230wpm~~
I think that I need to improve my reading very much!
This test so funny! Thanks!

#24 Karen

I read quickly, at 503 wpm, but I frequently find myself re-reading material, and I only scored 80% on comprehension.

#25 Peter Sturo

Karen, for the re-reading problem, I’ll suggest to try learning some reading comprehension techniques. It helps your understanding and memorization as you read, and will gradually eliminate your re-reading problem. This will in turn help you to read even faster with a better understanding of reading material.

From what I know, I’ll recommend the product Ultra Mind Improvement Studio as it teaches comprehension and memorization techniques. And I’ll suggest you to use “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the product page in case you have any question about how the product can help. Just describe your problem clearly and they can normally give fast response.

#26 Rick

Eh, it’s okay.

#27 Abdalla Elsiddig

need to improve my reading speed

#28 Abdalla Elsiddig

speed read test

#29 josh

i am below

#30 Keith Griffiths

The is a great idea!

I always wanted to know how fast I could read. Dont want to sound big headed but I read 1144 words per minute (wpm). ‘From the text above’.

If anyone gets a better result than me please let me now.

#31 hawraa

I need more practice to get my speed redaing up overall it is good exercise though

#32 .

wpm – 374
reading comprehension – 70%
age group – adolescent
English – foreign language

#33 Javera

Omg!! Did the best I could!!!! It’s hard!!!

#34 Raven

I am not a U.S citizen. And I’m wondering if I could still buy the Speed Reader-X Plus Ultra Mind Improvement Studio – Immediate Online Access to All Classes or the other two packages?

#35 Peter Sturo

Yes, sure. You can go to How to get the Most out of Speed Reader-X to learn more on what we recommend for this speed reading program. It’s an online program, so you can get it even you are not a U.S. citizen.

#36 Coda Highland

Depending on the presentation, subject matter, and desire to absorb small details, (I’ve tried several tests around the Internet) I score anywhere from 1300 WPM (reading to find trivia) to 2800 WPM (interesting but familiar subject matter). I knew I was a fast reader but I never realized I was THAT exceptional.

#37 Uner M

It’s quite exhausting to seek out knowledgeable individuals on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks, it really helps

#38 Lanford

I have been browsing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. Thanks.

#39 Anonymous

I actually have a question.
I got 1602 wpm speed and 80% comprehension, and I am 15 years old.
Should I push myself more and maybe become a world-class reader?
I used to read a lot more, but I’ve been busy lately.
My normal speed (I tried to test it on longer texts) is about 1200 wpm, and I am rather proud of myself.
Thanks for the interesting test!

#40 Chris

Where is the start button?

#41 Jessy

I read 1820 wpm on this test but my mother tongue is german. I guess i read faster when i read books in my usual language. My husband always nicknamed me bookroboter. Because i switch pages that fast, when i am reading. First time he watched me reading, he didn´t believe that i knew exactily what i had read. so he tested me :-) And i knew all the answers. Now after 14 years of marriage he doesn´t shake his head anymore, when i read a whole book while he watches an episode of his favorite Tv Series :-D

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