This is a review on a speed reading program called Speed Reader-X, and we are an affiliate of the program. It is a speed reading, comprehension, vocabulary and memory training course. You can also check other reviews in customer feedback on Amazon.

Note that this is a review though; if you are looking for product information, go here: Speed Reader-X.

I'll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that's something you might not want to hear, you may as well leave now. Otherwise, just take a look at the titles of the articles and choose one to start with.

How to get the Most out of Speed Reader-X

Here are some tips for you to get the best out of Speed Reader-X, the online speed reading class:

  • Learn Speed Reader-X together with Ultra Mind Improvement Studio (a new module not available on Amazon), to practice reading speed and comprehension in parallel. You should see a combo discount for them when you go to the enrollment page.
  • Each day, take one lesson from Speed Reader-X and one lesson from Ultra Mind Improvement Studio. Practically, they can all be finished in 30 days or less.
  • Speed Reader-X consists of 10 lessons, while Ultra Mind Improvement Studio contains 11 lessons. Someone can go through all the lessons in one night, but I recommend to have one lesson from each product every 1 or 2 days, to have time for practice and let information soak in.
  • Each lesson should be completed in a single sitting with no distractions. Don’t stop or pause lessons, just restart if needed.
  • Practice anytime while reading a newspaper, magazine, or book
  • Speed Reader-X Reviews - Bonus DVDPractice with interesting materials, either custom ones or chosen among the 17,000 bonus eBooks. This will speed up learning.
  • Choose Speed Reader X 6.0 Online version, which can be accessed immediately without waiting for CD shipment, paying for shipment fee and handling the installation issues. You can also benefit from future updates without doing any manual upgrade (or get Speed Reader X CD if you enjoy physical product and want the CD version)
  • Speed Reader-X is sold with household license, so to make the most out of what is spent, have all family members create their accounts and learn with their progress tracked
  • Use the online ticket system in case you get stumped during learning, they can normally give fast response

Hope these tips can help you out on your journey to becoming a faster and better reader. Below is a demonstration of the Online version I’ve found. Continue reading →

Customer Feedbacks on Speed Reader-X

From the previous software review, I found that when compared to other speed reading courses, the online speed reading program from Speed Reader-X seems to be more improved as it has undergone a few years of development and upgrades. It is also claimed to have been tweaked for training results over the past years. Now, let’s find out whether this program is a scam or not by taking a closer look at what actual customers are saying.

Speed Reader-X Review Course Outlook

I know there are testimonials on the product website, but I want to discover actual user comments over the Internet. After doing some research, I found there is quite a lot of customer feedback around (like the customer reviews on Amazon), below is an excerpt on what I have found:


  • "With 2 kids who has time to read? I do now!" — Portion of actual customer feedback on
  • "This is the same standard program as the more expensive ones. It works just as well for a fraction of the price. I have a copy of overpriced EyeQ that I am trying to get rid of…" — Portion of actual consumer review on
  • "I’ve studied speed reading for several years and overall I’ll agree with the good reviews that Speed Reader-X has" — Portion of user opinion on
  • "…Not having tried any other computer-based speed reading program I can’t make comparisons, but having tried books on speed reading, I find this program much more user friendly…" — actual customer feedback from Customer Reviews section
  • "My 13 year old son loves it. He has always been a slow reader but the visual-reading system is something he really took to quickly. He actually enjoys reading now." — Portion of actual consumer report on
  • "I like speedreader X, it’s nice to be able to load any text you want and read it in their program." — Portion of actual user comment from Forum
  • "I thought it was a crock and was looking for a reason to slam it but after 2 weeks my reading speed has more than doubled. I wish I had tried it sooner." — Portion of actual buyer opinion from


  • "The Mac version is buggy so if possible, stick with the Windows version" — Portion of actual consumer complaint on
  • "You can’t pause a quiz. That means if I get interrupted, I either have to ignore the interruption, or give up on the quiz." — Portion of consumer report on
  • "The actual speedreaderx software works on pc and macosx, but the bonus disk only works with pc." — Portion of actual user complaint from
  • "The example story seems to end before the last lesson. I wanted to see how it turned out; fortunately the manual did have a link to the full story." — Portion of customer opinion on

After looking into the actual feedback, it seems that the positive reviews written by actual customers strongly support the benefits of owning this product as advertised by the company who sells it, and it is definitely not a scam. I do have concerns about the complaints, but half of them can be solved by using the Speed Reader-X 6.0 Online version instead of the Speed Reader-X 6.0 CD version (which requires software installation on the user’s personal computer). Click here to see our next review how to get the most out of SpeedReader-X, or go to Speed Reader-X if you want more product information.

Facts about Speed Reader-X

To start the review, let’s look into some facts about the online speed reading course Speed Reader-X. Generally, it is easy for us to get some hints on the maturity of a product by looking into its development history. The following table lists the major development of the course based on my discovery:

Year Major Development
2005 Speed Reader-X CD version[1] was first launched
2005 – 2007 About 10 version upgrades were released during the period, for enhancement on areas like usability, training results, etc.
2007 The CD version Speed Reader-X 5.0.20 was released. A CD with 17,000 eBooks for practicing speed reading was introduced.
Speed Reader-X Online version[2], an Online system based on the latest CD version, was launched. The Online version also has the 17,000 free ebooks built-in.
Online ticket system was introduced for user support
2008 UltraMind Improvement Studio[3], a new module (not available on Amazon) focusing on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and memory training, was launched
2010 – NOW The software is upgraded to version 6.0 for both Speed Reader-X 6.0 Online and Speed Reader-X 6.0 CD, with videos added together with system improvement.
NOW An option is introduced, for user to buy SpeedReader-X Online together with Ultra Mind Improvement Studio with a combo discount.


  1. ^ SpeedReader-X CD version: Before the Online version was launched, this was the only version customers could purchase. Customers need to wait for shipment of CD after purchase, and have to install the program on their computer to run the system.
  2. ^ SpeedReader-X Online version: This is a browser-based system, sold as an additional choice to the CD version. Customers can access the system right away after purchase, without waiting for shipment. In addition to original content of the latest CD version, it has added built-in audio introductions before each lesson.
  3. ^ UltraMind Improvement Studio: It is sold both as CD and online version. The CD version is sold as a separate disc, while online version is sold as a combo offer together with Speed Reader-X Online version (said to be a limited time offer). Please go to the product page for further details.

From the development history, it looks like the online speed reading class from Speed Reader-X is a quite mature product. Different enhancements have also been introduced for the benefit of users. You can click on one of the links above if you want to get further information. Continue reading →

Why You Should NOT Learn Speed Reading Techniques

I was never aware of speed reading techniques. I was able to read with speed like average people did, and could read faster when I was more concentrated and made more effort when I read. I had never heard of any friend who had learned such techniques, and I did not think I had a single need to improve my skill on reading…

Then, I learned that if I’m reading with a little voice in my brain, I’m actually reading at a first grade level…  Continue reading →